2 comments on “And Then This Happened Today…

  1. This looks interesting. How did you do this?
    To get more followers, try using tags, like “Art”, “Abstract”, “Abstract Art”, etc., so more people are going to see your postings.


    • Thanks nannus. I am certain you can tell from the delays responding and posting things, blogging about my art is still a new experience for me. I apologize for these delays.

      These are all mostly screen grabs from in-progress video art. Most are being worked into larger compositions but for now reside here as stills and 2D comps as a kind of behind-the-scenes documentation; the moving versions are being integrated into more complex semi-narrative compositions. I shoot digital video (consumer class) of a variety of scenes—usually focusing on patterns and textures and sometimes scenes of personal significance to me but probably otherwise of no particular import. These clips become fuel for further investigating my relationship to those moments/objects using the tools of digital video editing including modifying the speed, altering the composition, distorting, applying filters, and exploring juxtapositions and layering. Sometimes this exploration leads to awesome visual and metaphorically meaningful revelations. Sometimes it leads nowhere.

      This specific series was sourced originally from footage captured on the path I walk to lunch everyday but was shot after a winter storm’s snow and ice had begun to melt away leaving really glorious patterns of salt and deicer behind.

      I think as I add more content I will begin better promoting this space. I wanted to get a foundation going and work out the discipline for adding more on a semi-consistant basis first (I obviously have more work to do there) before I became too active sharing this space more widely. I guess its still kinda in a really slow soft-launch phase.


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