Stutter [the hand] (2008)

Stutter (the hand) was produced while in graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was born of a channel surfing experience one evening. While scanning channels, I came across an image of a frail elderly hand frozen on the screen with a stuttering audio track seeming to speak of early mankind. The frozen image and the vibrating sound gave me instant pause and I watched fascinated for a few minutes before returning to the surf.

As the evening progressed, however, I stumbled upon this stuttering channel many more times. Each time, the audio was a bit different, but the stuttering quality to the sound changed little and the image not at all. I became more and more transfixed by this broadcast error.

I studied the screen for long periods looking for the slightest changes in the image, but never saw any. On the other hand, I listened to the audio seeking meaning in its paring with the image and, to my surprise, found many.

Stutter (the hand), sourced from both the actual audio and video signal that evening was created as an expression of the resonances I felt with this distorted narrative, this simple yet profoundly disturbing broadcast malfunction.

Finding meaning in error, a studied analysis of an image, babble as noise as music, and loss are all themes I pursued in making this piece and a familiar thematic landscape I travel with my art.

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